What is Public Sector Travel?

Public Sector Travel is a communications consultancy working in the area of travel management in central and local government, the NHS and emergency services, universities and the wider public sector.

Public Sector Travel can help your company get a better understanding of the public sector, achieve closer links with public procurement professionals and understand how to win more business thanks to our unique knowledge of both business travel and associated services such as fleet, travel technology, data and payments. We can help your company in the following ways:

Internal communications

Compliance and adherence to an organisational travel policy is best achieved through understanding. Our team of highly experienced writers can help you create anything from explanatory notes for one-off initiatives or product launches to a regular newsletter or intranet site for stakeholders

Content creation

We can produce content for public sector organisations and suppliers to the sector who might want to create a travel policy or landing pages for a travel intranet (say, for a hotel programme) or extranet (a public sector microsite for clients, for example)

We can also create individual landing pages with content dedicated to suppliers or travel management companies' public sector clients to help with SEO. We have considerable experience of writing search-engine friendly copy to drive traffic from those searching for your organisation

Our team can create guidance notes but see also other more specific items below


You tell us what you want your PowerPoint to be about and we can create stylish presentations saying what you want to say in the time allowed guaranteed to get the attention of your audience. We have created the seminar programmes for many industry conferences as well as running many individual sessions as moderators and can offer guidance on what works and what does not.

Case studies and white papers

We have many years' experience of creating case studies and White Papers which serve well as accessible and tangible content to illustrate the issues and their solutions. Case studies serve well to identify act as testimonials for your company for potential customers and help promote your organisation to the media, if this is required. White papers are useful for establishing your organisation as a thought leader in a particular sector.

Training workshop: understanding the travel sector

Your team might comprise procurement specialists who have to deal with many categories and have no in-depth sector expertise in travel. One of our half-day or full-day training courses can teach you about the travel market or that of individual suppliers such as, say, rail or hotel so that no one can ever pull the wool over your eyes about what's possible or not possible

Training workshop: understanding the public sector buyer

If you are a travel management company or other travel supplier with limited knowledge of the public sector but want to understand the potential for getting more business from central government and beyond, we can help. Our bespoke training courses - half or full day – look at the idiosyncrasies, influences and parameters which affect public sector buyers and help you win more business.

e-training programmes

We know that getting out of the office is harder than ever which is why we can build bespoke online trainging programmes tailored to your requirements and pulling together video and other online learning materials.

Public sector bid writing

Creating and submitting a bid for a public sector tender requires specialist expertise, something that Businesstravelwire can offer. Our experience of working with public sector buyers and procurement bodies and knowing what succeeds can help your team put together a winning bid. We can sit alongside your bid writers to guide them through this tricky process.

Data research and analysis

The PST team has extensive experience in research, market mapping and economic analysis. We can do analysis and reports on what specific public sector travel markets are really worth or where the decision-making lies or what the growth prospects are. We have created Quarterly Reviews for the Guild of Travel Management Companies showing the links between the economy and business travel as well as a comprehensive Salaries Survey for the Institute of Travel Management.

Bespoke events

We can sit behind the scenes and create the content to make your client or media event work. Our extensive experience in producing public sector conferences means that your next client event will have an enviable stamp of authority and the independence that is so valued by buyers in the sector. We can help with creating engagement content programmes, securing expert speakers as well as the marketing to make your event a success.

Online communications

Our team are expert in social media and online conferencing - want to demonstrate that you?re a thought leader and part of tomorrow and not yesterday? We can create a communications programme that underpins your corporate strategy and builds your brand.

To find out more about what PST can do for your organisation, contact us today on 020 8673 3239 or by emailing us at betty.low@publicsectortravel.org.uk.